Abu al-Qasim Abbas ibn Firnas ibn Wirdas al-Takurini (c. 809/810 – 887 A.D.), also known as Abbas ibn Firnas (Arabic: عباس بن فرناس‎), latinized Armen Firman,[1][dubious – discuss] was an Andalusian polymath: an inventor, physician, chemist, engineer, Andalusian musician, and Arabic-language poet.[3] He was reported to have experimented with a form of flight.[4][5][6][7]

Ibn Firnas made various contributions in the field of astronomy and engineering. He constructed a device which indicated the ovementn of the planets and stars in the Universe. In addition, Ibn Firnas came up with a procedure to manufacture coourless glass and made magnifying lenses for reading, which were known as reading stones.

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