'Abi Mekhnaf (Yahya ibn Sa'id ibn Mikhnaf Al-Kufi) (') was a Muslim historian from the 8th century. He lived in Kufa and died in . He attributes to Shiism by some Rijal scholars but it's doubtful and not accepted with all of them. However his works represent great tendency to Ali and his sons Hasan and Husayn.



In "Islamic Historiography", "Chase F. Robinson" has put him in the class of Ibn Ishaq and among the first Muslim historians.He was one of founder of Akhbari school in Historiography of early Islam. He wrote at least 13 monographs which later historians like Al-Tabari gathered them in one collection.


Ibn Nadim in Al-Fihrist enumerates 22 and Najashi lists 28 monographs composed by him comprising



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