Abu Sa'id Sa`d ibn Malik ibn Sinan al-Khazraji al-Khudri was one of the younger Companions of the Prophet Muhammad and was an Ansari from the original inhabitants of al-Madinah. Too young to fight at Uhud in 625 where his father Malik ibn Sinan fell, he participated in subsequent campaigns. Although he traveled to Syria once to visit the Umayyad caliph Mu`awiyah, he otherwise resided in al-Madinah all his life. Later, he is said to have participated with his fellow Madinans in the defense of their city against the Umayyad army at the Battle of al-Harrah in 64/683. He is said variously to have died in 63/682, 64/683, 65/684, or 74/693. Abu Sa`id is one of the narrators of hadith most frequently quoted by Sunni Muslims. By one count, he has 1170 narrations, making him the seventh most prolific Companion in the transmission of the hadith.

Shi'i Muslims have a cautious approach to him. They do not automatically dismiss his narrations, as is the case with Abu Hurayrah, but compare what he narrates with other sources.

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