Surat Al Ghashiya ( , The Overwhelming, The Pall) is the 88th sura of the Qur'an with 26 Ayat. The sura's topics are Jannah, Hell and the miracle of creation of all things by Allah.

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Like many other suras in the Qur’an, Al Ghashiyah addresses humankind with its message through fear and hope, promises and threats. This characteristic of the Qur’an, providing mankind with incentives and deterrents, allows human to understand and harmonize with its teaching. The title Al Ghashiyah denotes the day of reckoning, focusing more on the faces that will experience it rather than the apocalyptic cosmic event. In the third passage the Devine voice invites mankind to observe and reflect on all aspects of the universe and its creatures.

“Then do they not look at the camels and how it is created
And at the sky how it is raised
And at the mountains how they are erected
And at the earth how it is spread out.” (17-20)

Then the Divine voice instructs Muhammad that his task is only to remind people. The human beings by nature are forgetful and by habit preoccupied and caught up with the concerns of the world. They are also accountable for making their own decisions.

“Remind them
All you can do is be a reminder
Over them you have no power.” (21-23)

And then the sura ends with the final reminder.

“Indeed to us they will return
Then indeed with us will be their accounting.” (25-26)

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