It is typically assumed that this sura is referring to the early days of Muhammad's prophethood, when he would have been both confused by the revelations, and unsure about how his people would receive him. Because of subject matter, length, style, and placement in the Qur'an, this sura is often coupled with Sura Ad-Dhuha. They are generally considered to have be revealed around the same time.

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A map of Mecca, circa 1790. Sura Al-Inshirah was revealed in Mecca, around 611 C.E.

Surat Al-Inshirah ( , Solace or Comfort) is the 94th sura of the Qur'an with 8 Ayat; revealed in Mecca.

The passage asks the reader, who is Muhammad specifically, if God has been a comfort and a remover of obstacles. In fact, whatever personal sorrows this may bring to mind, "Surely, with each difficulty there is ease". This may indeed be the key phrase of this sura; it is repeated in lines 5 and 6. Conversely, the reader is asked to continue their work dilgently, even when it grows simple again - for God Himself is what you are working for.

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