Except for Muhammad, there is no one in Islamic history about whom as much has been written in Islamic languages as Ali. Ali is revered and honored by all Muslims, except the Ibadi of Oman. Having been one of the first Muslims and foremost Ulema (Islamic scholars), he was extremely knowledgeable in matters of religious belief and Islamic jurisprudence, as well as in the history of the Muslim community. He was known for his bravery and courage. Muslims honor Muhammad, Ali, and other pious Muslims and add pious interjections after their names.

Ali's birthday is celebrated on 13th of Rajab by Shia Muslims to remember their first Imam who was born in the House of Allah/Kaaba. His death is remembered and mourned from the 19 to 21st of Ramadan which is the anniversary of his assassination and martyrdom. The ziyarat of the Tomb of Imam Ali in the Imam Ali Mosque is a usual religious tradition among Shias and Sufis.

At the Ali Masjid in Pakistan is a huge boulder which carries the marks of a hand believed to be that of Hadrat (Hazrat) Ali. In India the Moula-Ali Darga or mortuary was built in the memory of Hazrat Ali about 15 Kilometers from Secunderabad. There is an annual event Moula-ali Urs that takes place during the month of Moharram and people gather there.

Ali has high position in the mind of Muslims and they made a lot of pictures, poems and myths about him. For example "Ali Guyam, Ali Juyam" (I call Ali, I seek Ali) is a famous rhyme in Iran. He is the main protagonist in the epic poem Utendi wa Tambuka, dated 1728 - one of the earliest known documents in the Swahili language, which is considered a classic of that culture.


Sufis have glorified Ali in their works.. For example Rumi says in Masnavi:

The man spat in Ali's pure face, the pride of every saint and prophet far and wide The moon itself prostrates before this face...

Sufis recite Manqabat Ali in the praise of Ali (Maula Ali), after Hamd and Naat in their Qawwali.


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