Surat An-Najm () (The Star) is the 53rd sura of the Qur'an with 62 Ayat.

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The first eighteen verses of this sura are considered to be some of the earliest revelations of the Qur’an. These verses address the legitimacy of Muhammad’s prophetic visions. The sura begins with the divine voice swearing by the falling star that “Your companion,” referring to Muhammad, has not gone mad, nor does he speak out of his desire. The passage evokes the process of vision by tracing the movement along the highest horizon and then coming down and drawing near to the distance of “two bows” length. The passage ends with the affirmation of the validity of the vision by stating that the heart of the prophet “did not lie in what it saw.”

The surah is distinguished as being the first that required Muslims to prostrate (perform sajdah) when it is recited, according to Tafsir Ibn Kathir and a number of hadiths. When the surah was first narrated by Muhammad in Mecca, all Muslims and non-Muslims who heard the recitation prostrated to God upon its completion due to the effect that the words had upon them. [1]

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