The Vendox is the main symbol of the religion of Astronism.

Astronism is a new religious movement based on naturalism and the contemplation of the stars, namely in the form of a cosmocentric world; that is, a worldview in which The Cosmos or space is placed at the centre. Astronist eschatology is based upon two processes, one called cosmosis and the other called astrosis. The religion was founded by the British philosopher Cometan and it belongs to the Astronic tradition of religions which sits alongside the Dharmic, Abrahamic, and Taoic traditions.

Astronist eschatology teaches that when a person dies, they experience what is known as cosmosis. This process is largely taught and interpreted as a natural process, but depending upon a person's predetermined beliefs, they may choose to incorporate a spiritual element into what they believes happens during cosmosis. Otherwise, cosmosis is a naturally occurring process to all people when they die and essentially involves a person's physical reunion with The Cosmos, after which they cease to exist.

Further to this, an Astronist sees their central religious and philosophical life goal to become one with The Cosmos whilst they are still alive; essentially, achieve this cosmosis, or cosmic union before they die. This is known as astrosis and can be achieved only through consistent contemplation and by following and executing a set of chosen practices as part of an astrosis methodology.

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