Islam is the second largest religion in the United Kingdom. It has been present since the Treaty of Union in 1707, but was not regonised as a legal religion until the Doctrine of the Trinity Act 1813. There is estimated to be a Muslim population of 2.4 million in the UK.

The growing number of Muslims in the UK, has resulted in the establishment of 1,500 mosques. The majority of these mosques are Sunni. In 2010, the affiliation of the mosques was 47% Deobandi, 25% Barelvi, 6% Salafi, 3% Maudoodi-inspired; of the remainder many were part of other Sunni traditions or unaffiliated, while 66 were Shi'a (4%). The majority of mosque managers are of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin, with many Gujarati, and fewer Arab, Turkish and Somali managed entities.

Islam in EnglandEdit

Islam is the largest non-Christian religion in England, with most Muslims being immigrants from South Asia (in particular Pakistan, Bangladesh and India) or descendants of immigrants from that region. Many others are from Muslim-dominated regions such as the Middle East, Somalia and Malaysia, while fewer come from Equatorial African countries such as Nigeria, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

The Baitul Futuh Mosque in London is the largest mosque in the UK, and also the largest mosque in western Europe.

Islam in ScotlandEdit

In Scotland Muslims represent 0.9% of the population (42,557), with 30,000 in Glasgow. Muslims are the third largest non-Christian group after atheists and agnostics. The bulk of Muslims in Scotland come from families who immigrated during the late 20th century. Two important mosques in Scotland are Edinburgh Central Mosque, which took more than six years to complete at a cost of £3.5m and has a main hall that can hold over one thousand worshippers, and Glasgow Central Mosque.

Islam in WalesEdit

Islam is the largest non Christian faith in Wales. The earliest recorded connections between Wales and the ‘Muslim world’ dates back to the early 12th Century. The first purpose-built mosque was erected in Cardiff in 1947, and prior to that, the first officially registered mosque in the UK. Today, Wales has about 40 mosques, most of which are in Cardiff.

Islam in Northern IrelandEdit

While there were a small number of Muslims already living in what became Northern Ireland in 1921, the bulk of Muslims in Northern Ireland today come from families who immigrated during the late 20th century. The Belfast Islamic Centre was established in 1978 by a group of Muslims from the local community.

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