On the death of the sixth Imami Shi`ite Imam mawlan Al-Jafar al-Sadiq (765 CE) his sons, particularly Ismail al-Maktoom and Musa al-Kazim, became claimant of the institution of the Imami Shi`ite-Imamat (authoritative-leader). Those who followed the claims of prince Ismail are known as Ismailis (among whom are the Qasimshahi-Nizaris who believe in an 'ever-living chain of the Shi`i Imamat and follow prince Karim, Aga Khan-IV,as their 49th Imam of the Time') ; and those who followed prince Musa al-Kazim,s claim became 'Kazimis' and later on adopted the name Duodecimal ('Twelvers') or the believers of in 'twelve' imams only... the 12th being in occultation since 874 and is believed to re-appear on the Day-of-Judgement..

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