when Zayd was 10 years old his mother brought him to the prophet(saw) to stay with him. At that age he already knew how to read and write Arabic. The prophet said "I will make you the best of the best, and give you even more knowledge than you already know, with the help of Allah.''

in 2 years time he had learned a lot from the prophet and ha also finished the whole Quran. Because the prophet didn't know how to read or write Arabic(he only could speak the language) zayd became his tarnslator at the age of 14, so he would read/write letters for or from the prophet. at the age of 17 the prophet told zayd to write the surah's down as the came to the the prophet as he would read it out loud and Zayd would write it down. When Zayd was 19 years old the prophet passed away, and the Quran wasn't in order, so Uthman bin awfan orderd Zayd to put the Quran in order.

After that Zayd kept revising the Quran because he already finished it and told the hadith's to everybody. Zayd also kept spreading the message of Islam. The life of Zayd tells us that it is possible to not waste your life by concentrating on the islam and have a social life because Zayd ha a wife and childeren.

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